Mr. Beckner,
Thanks for taking care of my rental property located in Petersburg.
Property management from 2 hours away would be impossible without folks like you.
Your willingness to accommodate our tenant on a short notice is much appreciated.

Thanks again,
Kevin & Jackie Turner
Raise Three, LLC.
Northern, Va.

Dana you are awesome! To back up for a moment, Greg installed my new heat pump and all duct work 4 years ago and I was so impressed with the product and the service he provided us. I have had no trouble with my unit at all until last night when the temperature went from 70 to 84 degrees in the house within a few hours. This morning, it was 86 degrees. Needless to say, we didn’t sleep well at all. I was going to call a few self employed techs listed on Craigslist to service my unit, but my gut feeling told me not to contact them but to contact you. I am so glad I did. You listened and got someone to my house within a couple of hours to fix the unit on the spot so the labor cost was kept to a minimum and the part was under warranty. I will definitely call you again for all of my HVAC needs and tell my friends and family about your company and thank you for listening and dispatching a service rep so timely your efforts are so appreciated.

Again, thanks so much,

Betty Dalton

Thanks so much for such a nice message – I can’t say enough how much we really appreciate you and Greg for taking care of my father-in-law. That gave us a piece of mind that we chose the right company to handle our situation. As you can imagine being in a different city and state can be hard when you are trying to care for a loved one and especially an elderly person. You and Greg has given us relief to know that my father-in-law will be taking care of correctly. Thanks for all your phone calls, keeping me in the loop and working immediately to make sure our dad has heat.
I will make sure he knows that someone will be there first thing in the morning to install his units, thank you again!

Good morning Dana, you all did such a wonderful job with my father-in-law so I am referring my sister sister-in-law to you too. She should be contacting you some time today. I told her to ask for you.
Thanks again for all of your help,

Jennifer Manley
(Lives in Georgia)

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